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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions regarding pool electrical? View our most frequently asked questions below.

  • What does a pool electrician do?

    Installing a new pool or spa? You may be a bit unsure who does what when it comes to the trades involved in the electrical appliance installation and lighting for your new pool or spa. Here’s how it works.

    – Your pool specialist or installer will supply and install the electrical appliances and equipment such as the pool lighting, pumps and heating as part of the installation of the pool or spa itself.

    – As your pool electrician, we take care of getting the power from your electrical system safely to the location it is needed (your pool or spa).

    For new pools and spas, the pool electrician covers the overall electrical design and installation (wiring, cabling, switchboard upgrades if needed) and any ongoing maintenance and repairs afterward.

  • Do electricians install pool lights?

    If you are installing a new pool or spa, the pool lighting is normally installed by the pool specialist as part of the overall installation.

    If you have an existing pool or spa and you are upgrading the lighting, Gorham Electrical can supply and install your new pool lights. Our experienced team can provide advice on pool lighting types for the effect you’re looking for and to suit your outdoor decor – whether it be mood lighting, decorative or practical/safety lighting.

    Call us for a chat and a quotation! 0413 033 036.

  • How close can an electrical outlet be to a pool?

    Electrical devices should be located at least 2 meters from the pool. The power outlets should be well-grounded and safety switches installed.

    Any work on your electrical system should be completed by a qualified, licensed electrician for safety, legal reasons and so that you don’t void your insurance.

  • How much does it cost to run an electrical line for a pool?

    Gorham Electrical is your qualified, licenced pool electrician in Sydney and we would be pleased to provide you with a quotation to install an electrical line for your pool or spa.

    Due to the many variables and complexities associated with each job, the cost to run an electrical line for a pool can vary.

    To provide an accurate quotation our friendly team will take some specific details from you and guide you through the easy process. Call today on 0413 033 036.

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