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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions regarding EV chargers? View our most frequently asked questions below! if you still have any unanswered questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • How long does it take to charge the car?

    The length of time to charge an electric car depends on the charger and the car battery size. A standard 60kW car battery being charged with a 7kW charger would take roughly 8 hours to fill completely, from being empty.

  • Where can my wallbox be installed?

    A wallbox should be installed near where the car is regularly parked, such as in a garage, or on the side of the outside wall, next to the driveway.

  • How much does it cost to get a home EV charger installed?

    Pricing for EV charger installation varies for residential and commercial, depending on the EV charger selected, whether upgrades to your electrical system are required, the installation environment and also the size of the charging station being installed. With these specifics, our team can provide you with a prompt quotation and installation timing. Our quotes are transparent, competitive and no guff. Call today and let’s get started.

  • How long does it take to install an EV charger?

    For a typical, small-scale EV charger, installation will take anywhere from half to a full day, depending on the type of charger to be installed, the installation location and whether any additional work to the property’s electrical system is needed.

  • Why install a home EV charger?

    Some electric vehicles on the market come with a power cable, allowing you to plug into a standard power point and charge your car. However this provides very minimal charge at extremely low speed (you will not achieve full charge overnight). By installing an EV charger at home you can conveniently charge your car at home either overnight or while you work, without having to incorporate (and pay for) fast charging at outside locations.

    You are also increasing the value of your property too! As part of environmental strategies to reduce emissions, some states in Australia have already announced timeframes that they plan to ban the sale of vehicles with internal combustion engines (petrol-powered cars) and initiatives that will support drivers transitioning to electric vehicles.

  • Are all accessories and software included?

    Yes. Manufacturers do include all accessories with your EV charger appliance pack, including charging cable and adapters. Some include software too, which we will program and install for you as part of your installation.

  • Do you repair EV chargers?

    Yes. Gorham Electrical offers repair and maintenance services for EV chargers including regular testing and ‘Test and Tag’ for commercial EV charger stations. Damaged EV chargers can sometimes require replacement parts, due to minor accidents and general wear and tear.

    Here’s some tips on how to look after your EV charger:

    Always hang up cable in the correct position
    Dont leave the charger cable hanging
    Dont allow the charger head to drag or hit hard surfaces
    Be mindful not to knock or bump the unit
    Check the unit, lead and head regularly and before use.

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