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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions regarding air conditioner installation? View our most frequently asked questions below.

  • Does an electrician need to install a ceiling fan?

    Most models of ceiling fans are hard wired, which means that they are connected to the electrical system of the building (your home or commercial premises). Playing with wiring and live electricity is not only gambling with your safety, but may also void your insurance. In Australia, it’s the law that all hard-wired electrical appliances be installed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor.

  • How much does ceiling fan installation cost?

    So how much does it cost to install a ceiling fan? The cost of course depends on the amount and type of ceiling fans you are having installed and the complexity of the job. We quote ‘per job’ because each job is unique and has many variables. Call one of our friendly technicians now to understand what’s involved for your specific installation.

    Ceiling fans themselves (pre-installation) are priced from $99 for cheaper types, to $400 or more for more expensive types depending on the brand, material, features and size. We recommend only quality, trusted, brands for our clients as they last longer, perform better and provide longer warranties.

  • Features of a good ceiling fan

    Having a well-designed appliance with good user-friendly features that suit the location and environment can make all the difference to ease-of-use and durability. Here are some things to look for when shopping for a good quality ceiling fan:

    – Remote control
    – Quiet operation
    – Energy efficiency
    – Reversible airflow

    Always check reviews online before purchase, or chat with one of our technicians for expert know-how on some good brands and features for your specific space and lifestyle.

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